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We guarantee that all goats sold at our farm are healthy at the time of sale.  We cannot control the kids care once it leaves our possession, therefore we cannot offer any other guarantees.  
For herd health care and maintenance we accept no returns, all sales are as is, and all sales are final..
Our 2018 kids have started to arrive.  Feel free to check our breeding schedule for due dates and arrivals. There is no charge to be put on our wait list.  We will contact you once kids are  born and evaluated.  We will then give you the opportunity to chose and put down a deposit to hold your new goat until it is time for him/her to go home.  Please read our Purchase Information page for further info.
We are sold out until March 2018 when our next 3 litters of kids are due to arrive.
  Feel free to contact us to be put on our waiting list. 

We are sold out until April 2018 when our next kids are due to arrive. 
 Feel free to contact us to be put on our waiting list.